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5 Questions With Jodi Lieberman

5 Questions for Women's History Month continues with Comedy Gives Back co-founder Jodi Lieberman. Who does she find inspiring? Who always makes her laugh? Read on!

1 - What made you decide to be in comedy?

Growing up on '80s sitcoms! Every September I would figure out my TV viewing schedule for the year. I wanted to be in the business of making funny TV programming.

2 - Who inspired you to do what you do?

All my bosses at my first job out of University which was at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. Thank you Andy Nulman, Bruce Hills and Robin Altman for inspiring, teaching and encouraging me.

3 - Who comes to mind when you think of groundbreaking women in comedy?

Definitely Joan Rivers.

4 - Who is the one woman you would you want to work with?

Carol Burnett. She made me laugh like no one else.

5 - What would you tell your younger self?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take risks. Make history. Do things that make you happy. Life is too short and it goes by fast. Always laugh!

Great advice Jodi!

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