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Remembering Brody Stevens

Friends and fans took to social media to remember comedian Brody Stevens who passed away 2 years ago on February 22.

Jen Kirkman tweeted about the last time she saw Brody. Kathy Griffin replied to Kirkman's tweet saying she thinks about Brody all the time.

Patton Oswalt tweeted "I miss Brody Stevens" and included an image of Brody's trademark phrase "enjoy it."

All Things Comedy tweeted we should "Take some apple cider vinegar and spread some positive energy today" and that they loved and missed him. Their tweet included a 2 minute clip of Brody's standup.

The Iron Sheik tweeted "I LOVE YOU FOREVER BUBBA" about Brody.

On Instagram Stephen Glickman posted an image of Brody on stage with "Gone but never forgotten." Taylor Williamson also posted an image of Brody, saying he thinks of him often and Brody "would've made this pandemic way more interesting." Rockinpins posted a photo of the first time they saw Brody perform and also live streamed Brody stand up sets in his honor.

Even though Brody's last post on Instagram was over 2 years ago, people recently commented that they missed him and were thinking of him.

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