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Ways to Watch Comedy Gives Back: Laugh Aid

Laughter may not be the cure for coronavirus, but it still can do a lot of good. Join today's biggest comedians help their less famous comedian friends who have lost gigs and income due to the industry shutting down.  

The live stream will be a star-studded mix of live performances, special podcasts and sneak peaks of unseen projects.  Watch live, who knows what will happen?  It's also exactly what a nation that hasn't collectively showered in three weeks needs right now. 

Watch comedians in their quarantine state when #LaughAid2020 livestreams 4/4 at 4pm PT!


Comedy Central

Comedy Central Stand Up

All Things Comedy

Jay Shetty

Drew Lynch


Starburns Audio



Comedy Central standup acct 


Comedy Central

Comedy Central Stand up

All Things Comedy


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