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Remembering Sara Dahms

From Zoe Friedman, co-founder, Comedy Gives Back

I love comedy and for the most part, I love most people who love comedy. One of those lovers of comedy was Sara Dahms. I met her at Just For Laughs in 2019 and we became festival friends. We laughed, danced, stayed up for the sunrise…all fairly common place festival shenanigans.

But it was more than our shared love of comedy that became the connective tissue of our friendship. It was Sara. She was a beautiful, funny, positive, passionate, authentic, and caring person who became my friend. Comedy was still our shared passion…we were both fan girls first, but it was her specialness as a human being that I stayed friends with. Her positive energy and passion burst from every pore from her body.

Her positive energy and zeal for life is what made me want to bring her into Comedy Gives Back. Anyone who loved comedy as much as Sara did, made perfect sense to work with at CGB, the safety net for the comedy community. She joined CGB as coordinator of our Comedy Gives Back Connects (a bi-monthly gathering of comedians bringing them life lessons and skills to help them do what they do best – make us laugh). Every staff meeting, every CGB Connect was enhanced by Sara. As a matter of fact, she just moderated a Connect last Tuesday and was as good as ever.

I know the comedy world lost one of their angels. And I know she was an angel for her husband, Ronny and her two beautiful children Ben & Amelia. She will be missed.

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