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Recap: Milkshake Monday

Media coverage for IHOP's Milkshake Monday, which took place May 10, had an estimated potential audience reach of 6 billion (with a b!) as coverage in print, online, broadcast and social media included CNN, E!, Entertainment Tonight, Yahoo, MSN, The Washington Post, Daily Mail, People, regional and national news.

The campaign was a hit out of the gate, as within a few hours of the press release there were 33 pieces of coverage with a reach of 210,798,176. The excitement continued throughout the day.

IHOP donated $1 for the sale of every milkshake to Comedy Gives Back, extra bonus for customers in the Long Island area, they also received bottomless shakes.

The idea stemmed from an Adam Sandler tweet joking that he left an IHOP because they didn't have unlimited shakes. IHOP acted quickly and created #MilkshakeMonday.

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