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Celebrating the Comedy Community Coming Together

Updated: May 2

We feel honored to be part of such a loving community and want to highlight just some of the events Comedy Gives Back participated in, lead the charge with or supported over the years:

  • Produced a live-streamed fundraiser Comedy Gives Back Laugh Aid creating 8 hours of comedy content with 90 comedians raising over $500K and receiving more that 4000 individual donations.

  • On 4/5/2020, opened the “Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund, and have given over 650 grants and still giving grants.

  • COMEDY GIVES BACK brought the comedy community together every week since May, for Comedy Gives Back Connect. Whether a happy hour, a how to on applying for unemployment, or an intimate and informative “Ask A Booker, Manager or Agent” series.

  • Re-release holiday song and music video “Christmas Magic”

  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade partnership

  • Brian Regan music download donation

  • John A Reisenbach Foundation collaboration

  • “Dear New York” - televised show July 11th, re-ran on Dec 6th

  • Launched our BIPOC COVID-19 Stand Up Comedian Fund

  • Netflix "Hey, Remember Comedy?” video featured legendary comedians and was in partnership with Comedy Gives Back.

  • Named the #1 Top Comedy Innovator in Interrobang.

  • Featured in Variety’s Comedy Impact Report.

  • Show honoring Brody Stevens.

  • Partnered with Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services.

We look forward to what this year will bring! Thank you for being with us on this journey.

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