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Comedy Gives Back Connect For Comedians: How to Make Money Online

How the heck do you make money online as a comedian in a pandemic?

That's a question a lot of funny people are thinking about as the COVID crisis continues. With indoor performing still in question, how can comedians become financially solvent?

On Thursday, January 28th we'll discuss this issue with Amber J. Lawson (one of Comedy Gives Back's Founders), Tatiana El-Khouri (Founder Road to Artdom) and Claude Shires (CEO & Founder of Laugh Lounge).

This Zoom event is part of our ongoing Comedy Gives Back Connect series. For 2 Thursdays a month we compile experts from a variety of industries to chat about topics we think are important to the comedy community: how to improve your audition tapes, asking a booker questions, talking with a talent manager, learning how to grow your social media, and more.

If you're a comedian and you'd like to attend a future Comedy Gives Back, join our private Facebook group for comedians here. Note: you'll have to answer 3 questions and agree to the rules.

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