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Comedy Gives Back Connect: Festivals

This week's Comedy Gives Back is "Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Comedy Festivals."

Attendees will learn behind the scenes tips on how to submit and get invited to participate in some of the biggest comedy festivals across the country from our all-star panel featuring Colleen Mcgarr (Talent Producer - Moontower Comedy Festival), Marshall Chiles (Owner/Director of Laughing Skull Comedy Festival) & more. In addition to providing general advice, panelists will take part in a Q&A which will be moderated by comedy journalist, Sara Dahms.

Connects are Zoom events held 1 -2 times a month for comedians. Past Connects have covered a variety of issues including tax advice, social media tips and advice on getting booked in a club.

Participants in our Connects must be members of our private Facebook group for comedians. The Facebook group is for comedians only so that they have a safe space that's just for them. To apply for the Facebook group you must answer 3 questions here.

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