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Comedy Gives Back Connect: BIPOC Grant Work Session

On Thursday, February 11 (5pm PT) Comedy Gives Back invites any comedians who have questions about the COVID-19 BIPOC Stand Up grant to participate in an interactive Zoom session.

While we aim to make the application process as streamlined as possible if there are specific questions about the relief fund, the founders of Comedy Gives Back are happy to address them in the one hour Zoom.

Common questions include:

Am I eligible?

What is the income range to be eligible?

What proof of income is required?

I received the COVID-19 general grant, can I still apply for the BIPOC grant?

When do I need to apply by?

This Zoom event is part of our ongoing Comedy Gives Back Connect series. If you're a comedian and you'd like to attend a Comedy Gives Back Connect, join our private Facebook group for comedians here. Note: you'll have to answer 3 questions and agree to the rules.

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