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Celebrating Women's History Month: The Co-founders of Comedy Gives Back

As we celebrate Women's History Month, it's crucial to recognize the incredible contributions of women in various fields, including comedy and philanthropy. One remarkable example is the trio of women behind Comedy Gives Back, a groundbreaking organization that blends laughter with generosity to support comedians in need.

Founded by Jodi Lieberman, Zoe Friedman, and Amber J. Lawson, Comedy Gives Back has emerged as a beacon of hope and support for comedians facing financial crises, health issues, and other challenges. These three visionary women have not only revolutionized how comedians receive assistance but have also highlighted the power of laughter to heal and unite us all.

Together, these three dynamic women have built Comedy Gives Back into a global movement, raising money to support comedians in crisis. Through live events, digital campaigns, and partnerships with industry leaders, they have raised awareness about the unique challenges faced by comedians and provided them with the resources they need to thrive.

As we honor the achievements of women throughout history, let us not forget the trailblazing work of Jodi Lieberman, Zoe Friedman, and Amber J. Lawson. Their dedication to supporting comedians in need has not only transformed lives but also demonstrated the profound impact that women can have when they come together to make a difference.

This Women's History Month, let us celebrate the accomplishments of these remarkable women and commit to supporting the next generation of female leaders who will continue to shape our world for the better.

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